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January 2022


An opportunity to acquire a successful pioneering, mobile pop-up kitchen, KCS on Wheels. This uniquely delivers, hands on cookery lessons and an interactive learning experience of healthy, eating, to children, throughout the UK from from prmiary to secondary schools to community, youth and special needs centres and venues. 


The Kids’ Cookery School

The Kids’ Cookery School (KCS) is a registered charity formed in 2000. It is one of the few bodies in this sector that is focused on the practical delivery of nutrition and cookery education, rather than advice or support.


Over the last 22 years, KCS has taught over 150,000 children and families how to prepare and cook healthy food from scratch. Some of these children have severe physical and learning disabilities, behavioural problems or have been excluded from mainstream education. A significant proportion of its lessons are provided at nominal cost in order to be affordable to those who may need them most.


KCS cookery session were delivered from a purpose-built teaching kitchen at its HQ in West London, Acton, or via a unique mobile pop-up kitchen delivered by a KCS-designed fitted out van, “KCS-on-Wheels”. The mobile pop-up kitchen enables cookery sessions and workshops to be delivered in the community: in schools, community and health centres and outdoors spaces including food festivals.


The KCS-on-Wheels model is particularly relevant at this time. As a result of the Government commissioned School Foods Plan, cookery lessons are now a compulsory element of the curriculum for all 7-14 year olds. This has created problems for those schools, which include the vast majority of primary schools in the UK, that do not currently have teaching kitchens and/or trained cookery teaching staff.


In anticipation of the opportunities that this could bring, KCS has developed the business, operating and financial modelling that would enable the KCS-on-Wheels concept to be adopted by school, community and other interested groups throughout the UK.


The KCS offer


KCS is a solvent, performing charity with an outstanding reputation for delivering inspirational hands-on cookery lessons to children, young people and families, including those with special needs.


KCS has a 22-year track record of successful delivery through its Acton kitchen and KCS-on-Wheels mobile pop-up kitchen.


KCS has developed a significant amount of intellectual property, specifically:


-          A detailed business and financial model for KCS-on-Wheels, supported by extensive contacts and market intelligence

-          A full operating model and technical specification for the KCS-on-Wheel mobile kitchen and

-          A suite of supporting materials including recipes and branded materials (cookery aprons, T-towels etc).


Fiona Hamilton-Fairley (MBE)

Fiona Hamilton-Fairley is the founder and CEO of KCS. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of KCS, she also teaches cookery and nutrition classes in Acton and across the country with KCS on Wheels, as well as training chefs and teachers in delivery of inspirational and effective cooking classes to children.


In order to secure the resources needed for KCS’ operations, Fiona has built relationships with significant commercial sponsors such as major supermarket chains, local councils and corporations, as well as procured streams of funding from a number of major grant making bodies. Current key  relationships include Ealing & Hounslow Council. She also engages with local and central government organisations and other charities with interests in food education.


Fiona is a passionate food campaigner, a published cookery writer and contributes regularly to industry publications. She has spoken about children's food and cookery on television and radio and at numerous conferences. She has won many awards over the last 20 years including The Guardian

Charity 2002, Best Education Project 2009 Finalist for National Lottery Award, nominated as BBC Good Food Magazine Great Game Changer 2015,  National Winner of the Halifax Giving Extra Award 2015 and she was awarered an MBE by Prince Charles in Decmber 2019. 


The Proposition


KCS is a successful local charity, with a vision, to roll out its proven delivery model beyond its local market. Every child has the right to understand the value of good nutrition and to be able to cook from scratch.


However, KCS is constrained by its small size and limited resources. In order to deliver on a broader scale, we require a stronger funding base and organisational support that would enable us to target our resources on delivery rather than fundraising. Currently we are highly dependent on a single individual, with the “key-man” and succession risks that entails.


KCS is therefore seeking a “acquisition” by a larger organisation that shares KCS’s values, passion and vision to translate the KCS formula into a larger-scale delivery model operating. Regionally/nationally, and has financial and organisational resources to support and develop this vision.


Fiona would continue her long involvement with KCS, contributing to the strategic rollout of the model, and sharing her expertise, training a new team of chefs and teachers, to see KCS grow and develop for the future.


For further information and expressions of interest, please contact info@thekidscookeryschool.co.uk or 02089928882

Students learn to work together in teams.

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