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Our supporters

KCS would like to thank all those who currently support KCS projects. Without your generous support of financial and gifts-in-kind donations, time and ideas we could not run our projects. Our supporters include:

Amelia Chadwick Charitable Trust


British Lion Eggs 

British Turkey 


Ernest Cook Trust

Goldsmith's Company Charity

Halifax Bank 

Hounslow Council- Short Breaks Programme 

Jack Petchey Foundation 

John Lyon's Charity 

Katie Stewart Legacy 

Lambert Charitable Trust



Leonard Chadwick Charitable Trust

London Borough of Ealing

Masons of London

Merchant Gourmet

Pure Package

Sainsbury's Local Acton Town Station 

Seasoned Pioneers Limited 

Sodexo Foundation

Spaghetti House

The Worshipful Company of Cooks

The Kate Stewart Memorial Fund

Uncle Ben's

Our patrons: Alan Coxon, Roz Denny, Barney Desmazery, Sophie Grigson, Alex Mackay, James Martin, Rosemary Moon, Sri Owen, Tony Tobin and Lesley Waters.

Buts lots of fun too!

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